Terms and Conditions

What to Bring On Tour

Comfortable walking shoes, Swimsuit, Dry T-shirt, Sunscreen, Warm top, Towel, Money or credit card, Camera, and a Hat.
Assistance to board and exit the bus will be given to those who require it.
Walking aids will be safely stowed in our luggage trailer.


Children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult. Teens between the age of 13 and 16 years of age are allowed to travel individually but only with the permission of a consenting parent, guardian or carer. All drivers and assistants are licenced to carry paying passengers, blue card registered and police checked. Walking aids and prams will be safely stowed in our luggage trailer.

Group Bookings

Special rates apply for group bookings of three (3) or more adults. Phone our Booking Office on (07) 4045 1882 to obtain our discounted rates.

Mobile Phones

On the day of your departure and return please turn on your mobile phone to assist us to locate you if necessary. Record your mobile phone number when booking your seats. Drivers will not wait any longer than 5 mins after the agreed time of departure on your ticket. On the other hand, drivers will contact you ASAP if they are running more than 10 mins late.

Phone Calls to the Driver

Our drivers will not answer phone calls whilst driving, but will check voice and text messages when they are stationary. If you are going to be late meeting the bus, please let the driver know by phoning 0428 732 444.. Please do not phone the driver to make bookings.

Transfers to/from Cairns Airport

Please confirm transfer availability with Tableland Tours and Transfers before booking your flight to or from Cairns Airport.

When booking your pickup from Cairns Airport, please allow at least 30 minutes between your estimated flight arrival time and your transfer booking to ensure sufficient time to disembark and collect your baggage before meeting the driver. It is recommended that you phone (07 4045 1882) or email () through your flight number and details at least 24 hours prior to your trip. This will enable the driver to check if your flight has been delayed and who will be prepared to wait for a reasonable period of time to ensure that you do not miss your transfer. You can contact your driver directly on 0428 732 444.

When booking your departure flight from Cairns Airport, please allow at least 1-1/2 hours from the estimated transfer arrival at Cairns Airport and your flight departure time. The Atherton range is narrow and winding, and even a small accident or mudslide can cause traffic delays. We would hate for you to miss your flight.

Luggage/Child Restraints

Our drivers will assist with your luggage, but please be aware we do not ask our drivers to lift any weight that may cause them an injury. Under those circumstances the passengers may be asked to assist the driver to lift their luggage. Allowable luggage is one suitcase and one 'carry on' bag per person. Extra amounts of luggage will incur additional charges - Surfboards, Golf Clubs, Snow Ski's, Bicycles etc

When booking your transfer please notify us in the message/additional comments box, if you are intending to carry extra bulky luggage such as a bicycle, pram, surfboard etc.

Golf clubs must be packaged so as to prevent damage to other luggage. Surfboards, snow ski's and other long items will be safely stowed in our luggage trailer.

T T&T does provide fitted adjustable baby seats and therefore requires parents to provide us the age of your infants and approximate height of your child aged under 6 so we can fit and adjust the child restraint accordingly. It is a legal requirement that children under the age of Seven (7) years, be fitted in a proper child restraint. Children over the age of seven will be required to sit in a child booster seat unless it is agreed that the child has outgrown such seating aids. Parents who refuse to cooperate with this law will be asked to find another mode of transport and a refund will be issued minus the $10.00 cancelation fee. There is a maximum of 2 baby seats and 2 booster seats available. Please allow at least one full business day notice if child restraints are required, as the numbers are limited per trip.

Open Return Ticket

If booking for a two-way trip with us, but don't know the exact date of your return journey, you may book an 'Open Return Ticket' which is valid for three (3) months from the date of your departure. This ticket is not transferable and must be presented upon request. You are required to confirm your return date with our Booking Office at least twenty-four (24) hours before the time of travel to ensure availability of seating.

Transfers By Request

Seven (7) days notice required on "By Request" transfer timetable times. Subject to availability.


All cancellations must be made at least twenty-four (24) hours before the time of travel.
All cancellations and refunds incur a $10 fee.
Refunds will be made if the person or persons named as passengers do not appear on time and date of pre-booked travel as arranged.
Refunds may be made at the discretion of the company who at all times reserves the right to charge cancellation and booking fees.

Tablelands Tours and Transfers reserves the right to cancel the service or to alter or substitute routes, timetables, itineraries, schedules or carriers in any way it considers necessary or advisable to do so.

Safety Rules

For the comfort and safety of all passengers and our drivers, we respectfully request that passengers observe the following rules: Passengers must remain seated and, seat belts must be worn at all times when the bus is moving.
No animals (with the exception of properly trained and certified guide and mobility dogs for the visually & hearing impaired) will be allowed on board.

Conduct on Board

Federal Transport Legislation prohibits the consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs on public transport. Passengers are also reminded that our service will be refused regardless of a person's status if the intended passenger is grossly effected by drugs or alcohol being consumed prior to travel. Public transport is a smoke free area.

Offensive language and/or behaviour which compromises the overall comfort and safety of other passengers and the driver will not be tolerated, and WILL result in the police being called.

Tablelands Tours and Transfers reserves the right to refuse the carriage of any person, baggage or goods on any service and to remove any person from any service if their conduct breaches the above or may be detrimental to other passengers.

Apart from bottled water, we request that there be no consumption of food or drink within the vehicle.


Tablelands tours and Transfers shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, damage, injury, death or accident suffered or sustained by the passenger or property (including baggage) or otherwise of the passenger, or for any loss or expense arising out of or resulting directly or indirectly incidentally or consequentially from any act, matter, cause or thing whatsoever, however arising (and whether or beyond the control of Tablelands Tours and Transfers and its employees) including but without limiting the foregoing defects or breakdown in the vehicle used, acts of God, act of government or other component authorities (Commonwealth or State) strikes, thefts, delays, cancellation or variation in or to the service provided by or contemplated hereunder.

Terms and Conditions of Payment

Once you have made your booking request on our website, it will be registered with our office at any time of the day or night. However you will only be notified during business hours between the hours of (8am-5pm) by one of our staff via phone or email to confirm and pay for your trip preferably via credit card. You will not be talking to a machine or someone disconnected to our business.

If by the remote chance you are not contacted by one of our team to confirm your booking request within one business day, please contact us IMMEDIATELY, so we can rectify a possible oversight in communication. Thankyou!

If you need to change your date or destination of travel after you have confirmed your booking, you may do so at no extra cost for the first two (2) changes, and provided it is not less than 48 hrs prior to departure. Otherwise a 10% admin fee will be charged to your account.